The Cape Agulhas region offers a kaleidoscope of attractions to delight even the most discerning tourist, botanist, hiker, photographer, historian, bird watcher or angler.

Whether you follow the calls of the mountains, succumb to the beauty of the beaches or simply indulge in the fragrant fynbos, we invite you to explore this southernmost region in Africa with us.

The area is steeped in history and discovering it for yourself at any of the numerous museums and shipwrecks in the area brings you closer to the mysterious attraction many visitors feel to this picturesque area.

Alternatively you can escape modern life completely and surround yourself with nature’s beauty at any of the nature reserves in the area, where you’ll discover the vast collection of fauna and flora unique to this area, not to mention the graceful beauty of the Southern Right Whales visiting the shoreline between May and October.

For the more adventurous spirit, there is also the Eco-friendly Quad Motorcycle Experience, where you can get up close and personal with the natural wonders of the L´Agulhas National Park on a vehicle that has minimal impact on the environment, is easy to ride, and a fun way of reaching areas rarely seen by others.