When 15th century seafarers first rounded this precarious shoreline, they stood in amazement as the needle of their compass showed no deviation between true north and magnetic north. This magical event, coupled with the sharp, saw-edged rock formations of the coast, inspired the name “Cabo das Agulhas” or the Cape of Needles.

For centuries seafarers have negotiated their way around this tip of Africa, guided by the legendary lighthouse – the second oldest in the country.

Today many a visitor is attracted by the mystery of this region, and once they experience its warm hospitality, unparalleled beauty and infectious charm, they find it very difficult to leave again – if
at all.

The growing popularity for this area has lead to the announcement of the provincial government that R125 million has been allocated to the construction of the Agulhas Road, a major coastal road that will link Gansbaai with Cape Agulhas.

Soon local and international investors will discover the potential of this area, and by reserving your very own piece of heaven right away, you will be one of the first to share in the riches of the region.